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The cooking we offer in our restaurant fully represents what we are and what we want to do. During the past few years we did a long renovation work, taking care of all the details, and the result was a building as beautiful as we had imagined it.

Cheff Stefano Ghisleni and Elena Corbetta

Elena Corbetta, Maître, and Stefano Ghisleni, Chef and patron.

Our chef Stefano Ghisleni, from Bergamo, has had a natural talent for making beautiful and tasty creations since when he was a child; in fact, when someone asked him what he would like to do in his life, he always answered that he wanted to be a gourmet or a food taster.

Born in 1985, after working for some years in the U.K. and in Italy, he came back to Bergamo, where with his wife, who in the meantime had acquired much experience as a Maître, he made their dream of opening a restaurant come true.

His cooking is based on an extreme respect of raw materials, that are carefully selected and converted into delicious dishes, and on a costant creativity.

All the ingredients of his dishes, including bread, breadsticks and bakery products, are prepared and bought by local producers.


The menu is extremely varied, from the meat dishes, to main courses and, most of all, seafood cooked in many different ways. Not only the chef personally selects the best raw materials, but he also prepares all the food, always trying to keep the balance between the dish flavor and its appereances and mixing sublime ingredients with high-quality elements.

Now it’s your turn to come and taste our delicious food, we are waiting for you!

Tagliolini with light Pesto and prawns, almonds and pine nuts
Potato mousse with smoked herring
Pumpkin puree, beet perlage and American scallops
Fried squid of the north sea
Spheres of cod
Focaccia with sun-dried tomato buffalo poppy seeds cantabrian anchovies and mascarpone mousse
Biscuit with yogurt-flavored mousse, wild berries and passion fruit sorbet
Taggiasca olive ricotta flan dried tomatoes with fennel and almond salad
Integral sandwich with ricotta, prawn and zucchini served with garden rocket sauce and chips of purple potatoes from Brittany
Chocolate Ball With persimmon Brownie Filling And Cream
Marinated salmon with orange and fennel salad, toasted bread with butter drizzle
Chocolate fantasy
Bronze drawn Spaghetti di Gragnano I.G.P. with anchovies, Jamaican pepper and anchovies spheres
Nettle and spinach gnocchi
Duck breast with red fruits
Stone-like ravioli filled with scorpion fish, tomato coulis and green-peas cream
Blackangus with goat cheese mousse hazelnuts and barbecue sauce
Buttermilk With Coffee Bubbles
Guinea hen breast, melted Taleggio and spinaches sponges with black bread
Eggplant ravioli dried tomatoes and red shrimps
Irish fillet tartare with goat cheese and herbs
Soft fruit cheesecake
Purple potatoes from Brittany foam, king prawns, zucchiniBrunoise
Lime bavarian cream lemon and limoncello covered with pistachios
Arctic roll donut with berries with strawberry icing and fresh fruit
strawberry and raspberry blueberry mousse cake
Scallop tartare with zucchini
Spinach ravioli, beetroot stuffed with caramelized onion
Chocolate Brunoise andEcuadorian mousse with drops of blueberries and vanilla
Red prawns from MazaradelVallo, green-peas cream and little spheres of evo oil
Speck and goat cheese rolls
Squid with asparagus,  Sea Bream stuffing
Quailfilled with vegetables and Porto sauce
Noodles with smoked herring
Smoked Black Angus with chicory and anchovies cavial
Spelled mussels and pistachios with bream prawns and yougurt sauce
Sea bream with flan with pumpkin flowers
Carpaccio of salted meat and vegetable carboe
Spheres of dried salted cod with orange foam and tartar sauce
Seawater with saffron, mussels, clams and irish prawns scampi
Bufala oysters and misticanza
Seabass crusted with olives and pistachio with crunchy asparagus
Our marinated salmon with yogurt sauce
Irish baked scampi with olives and pistachios


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