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Our focaccia bread with local cereals

Bufalo, dry tomatoes, and Cantabrian sea anchovy € 22,00
Bufalo mozzarella Dop with raw ham and tartar sauce € 15,00
Smoked scottish salmon with Bufalo mozzarella and tomatoes € 20,00
Smoked tartare of black angus and caprino mousse € 18,00


Capesante dress up with culatello and drops of orange mayonnaise € 25,00
Codfish balls with caesar dressing and Caribbean lime sorbet € 19,00
Hunt irish fillet, egg yolk and tartar sauce € 30,00
Smoke black angus carpaccio, caprino cheese and  hazelnuts with vegetable charcoal €17 ,00
Our eggplant parmigiana € 14,00


First courses

Olivelle of spinach with speck and parmesan fondue € 16,00
Cream of bufalo mozzarella with sautéed veils of fennel, black olives and pistacchio € 15,00
Spume of bufalo mozzarella with marinate irish scampi and black pepper € 28,00
Saffron tagliolini of the Cardinare with Cantabrian sea anchovy € 22,00

Riso Carnaroli with asparagus and their chlorophyll and grilled veal cheek 

€ 18,00
Spaghetti of Gragnano with burrata, cherry tomato and king prawn € 26,00
Spaghetti of Gragnano with tartare of red crayfish  € 35,00

The raw fish is sanitized at a temperature of -24° degrees for at least 24 hours

Second Courses

 Fried squid of the north sea  € 22,00
mixed fried seafood  € 35,00
slice of sea bream with spinach and misticanza € 28,00
American capesante and giant shrimps stir-fried € 30,00
Irish beef fillet with asaparagus and rum sauce and Jamaican pepper € 35,00
Duck breast whit red fruit, blackberries and blueberries € 28,00
quail with butter vegetable € 29,00


pills and biscuit: Coffee Bavarese with vanilla shortcrust and tea lime  € 10,00
Mousse with cappuccino and oreo € 10,00
sorbets on spoon € 7,00
Vortex: chocolate mousse with pistacchio and cocoa € 10,00


Tel: 035 0290756
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Via Trieste, 9
24040 - Bottanuco (BG)

Ristorante Morlacchi

P.Iva 03957940160
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